There is a Planner and It is Not Us

Something is going on in your life. It seems disturbing, so your mind sets to work. You choose a posture, imagine the arguments and plan. While doing all this you lose your place in the present.

Come back to where your hands are. Remember two key facts. There is a Planner and it is not us.

Pray.  Voice  your desires and complaints to management.

Read. Become aware of the tools that are available to you .

Meditate. Inhale deeply. Relax and just be.

Warriors of Light attend ceremonies. Their participation attests to the value of what is being recognized. Their growth comes from participation.

Desires of the Heart

Friends are a gift from God, arriving in unexpected sizes, shapes, colors, and national origins.  Time taken to invest and share the pursuits of your heart with friends becomes a golden thread weaving through talents and memories.  Golden threads can be used by God to teach others and to perform his good tasks.

Pray. Tell Him of your dreams and desires.

Read. Scripture offers wisdom.

Meditate. Try different styles.

Warriors of Light listen. They follow the voice of the Commander and trust His judgement.  Given are the desires of their heart. Think not ? Watch Him change the desires !

Being Positive Means Taking Action

“Left alone, emotions are like cool air or water, they will puddle at the lowest level.”

Keeping the chin up or taking a positive stance are actions.

Willingness is the grease that allows movement. Willingness opens doors for His help.

Inspiration and enthusiasm, both words, mean filled with The Spirit.

Pray for the desire.

Read scripture to find the blessings afforded you. Study.

Meditate. Realize that time taken can be time gained.

Warriors of Light have anxiety too. Training can focus or release it.

Just holding His hand can steady the situation. Reach out and He’s got your back !