The Only Way to Look is Up

Secrets make us sick. They may seem minor but hidden they grow and fester. They also display themselves in ways discernible by the astute. Secrets put a damper on our spirits that leads to depression. Depression is simply fear without any zeal.

Pray and open up to Him, even though He knows already, acknowledgment begins the management.

Read scripture find that weakness allows His strength to shine.

Meditate and relax with the Author of your breath.

Warriors of Light come mostly from the fallen who have gone so low that the only way to look is up. He has taken their hand.

We couldn’t.

He could.

Let’s let Him.

Our Mind is a Battleground

Our mind is a battleground and our soul is the prize. Unguarded it remains subject to fear, depression, greed, lust or anger.

Soaked in gratitude it remains open to Love and prosperity. Covered with prayer it stays fresh, open to new beginnings and available for service.

Pray and utilize what is given.

Read scripture to learn more.

Meditate. Find Him within you guarding the Fort.

Warriors of Light stay armed in peace time. Their alert stance is ready. Ready to quench the fiery darts.