The Truth Shines Through It All

Oh, the aches and pains, frustrations and disappointments we endure as we walk our path. We must not let them hide the joy we are offered or the victories we can claim in our growth. We must appreciate how continuing through the vibrations of misdirected loved ones only increases our stature and brings us closer to God.

Pray to see the Truth shining through it all.

Read scripture to affirm what we see.

Meditate with deep breathing and relax in His arms.

Warriors of Light know that if they stay willing and eager to learn, they will be granted wisdom and understanding.

Glow with the Sunshine of the Spirit

Religion and science agree on the power of positive thought.

Make the choice to go positive at every option even the seemingly impossible. Watch the beauty grow inside you. Watch it spread.

Pray for your instructions, your guidance, your encouragement.

Read scripture. See it for yourself.

Meditate. This goes best with closed eyes and deep breathing.


Warriors of Light get support and affirmation from other troops but they gain dispatchment from the Commander each morning. They report in each evening. This discipline gives them that Sunshine of the Spirit, that glow.