Let Your Light Illuminate Someone’s Path

“The second best decision made is better than the best decision not made. “ So, make up your mind and move forward. Even your errors will be used for your good. All things work for the good of those who choose to Honor Him.

Pray to stay in touch with reality.

Read scripture to enhance your feel.

Meditate to let your system slide into the race pit for a much needed lube job and tire change.

Warriors of Light stay in the Light with their choices. The Light warms their soul, feeds their heart and allows them to share. The Light fills their life while Its reflection illustrates a path for those trapped in darkness. Hold on ! Help is on The Way!

Putting Others Before Yourself

“Love is a decision to put the welfare of another before that of yourself.”  Choose to care about the troops in your life and the day becomes dance. Each encounter is a place on your dance card. The joy and smiles created lift the spirits and put a spring in the step.

Pray to share your understandings with Him. Watch for His winks during your chores.

Read scripture and learn the players. See the Way.

Meditate and realize (make real) good things in your life.

Warriors of Light know thoughts have power. Build up the people around you with kindness.  Enjoy them as playmates not hostages.

Peace of Mind

Sometimes we forget or become confused but…there are rules. Instructions for decisions and behavior. The rules are not for restraint but for freedom and peace of mind. Self respect and honor will afford prosperity.

Pray for clarity if confused.

Read scripture. Often your answers will dance on the page.

Meditate. That means to stop the worry and realize your success.

Warriors of Light know the power of thoughts. Discipline troops ! Keep it positive and moving forward!

As Vital as Breathing

Reminder – The unseen spiritual world plays key roles in our countenance, our welfare and our destiny. ” Snooze and lose.”  Ahem… “not making a decision is a decision.”

Pray. It is as vital as taking a breath.

Read scripture. Pick a piece and make it yours. Internalize it.

Meditate. Rest in His arms. He has your back.

Warriors of Light gird their loins with Truth. They utilize their shields of Faith. They don their helmets of salvation. When the fiery darts come, they are at the ready

Pray for Direction

As time passes quality is demonstrated. By things that last and things revealed. Webs of good decisions hold through the struggles of life.

Pray for direction and correction from above.

Read scripture. The devil must flee in the presence of the Word.

Meditate on who you are as a child of the King.

Warriors of Light know their position and the mission. Only a smile can thwart their ferocity.