The Stage Manager is in Charge.

Day begins, the curtains open, lights come up and the Stage manager is in charge. Angels deflect oncoming traffic, packages arrive, phone calls get through, answers arrive all with His Love received by our willingness to receive what He plans.

Pray and express Gratitude and Praise, then watch the Goodness flow.

Read scripture and find Inspiration (infilling of Spirit).

Meditate. Calm down and let His words find their place on your lips.

Warriors of Light know His wishes for us are better than what we rehearse in our minds.

He desires our reports of Joy and sets the stage. He loves happy endings and poetic justice. He does not settle all of his accounts in October the timing of life is His.

Moving more easily through the day

There is no limit to real wealth. In fact there is gain in giving. There is no limit to real time. Time spent in prayer or meditation it seems to move us more easily through our day.

Being of service to people encountered will unfold blessings not usually realized.

Pray like you are speaking to the Daddy you’d like to be.

Read scripture and discover more about your inheritance.

Meditate. Stop. Breathe deeply.

Let your mind drift. Let go.

Warriors of Light sometimes hum “Ti ah ah me(time), it’s on your side, yes it is.” This takes their mind off imagined pressure. There is no haste with God. Our portion is with us.