Walk Away from Old Wounds

Take His hand and walk away from the old wounds. Drop the planning for defense or revenge and just breathe.

“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others.” This is a game changer and the deal we cannot refuse.

Pray. Let Him show us how to forgive.

Read scripture. See yourself in the pages.

Meditate. Rest and breathe. He is in charge.

Warriors of Light welcome Light.

They carry Light and darkness dissipates. Others follow the Light. It is a blessing to share.

Darkest Before Dawn

“Even if you have made the wrong decision you are protected !”

“All things worked together for the good of those who love the Lord.”

“Fear not !”

“Life is good !” Quit weeping and gnashing your teeth. March on. He is with you.

“It is always darkest before dawn.”

Pray. You will be heard. You will be answered.

Read scripture. It holds truth. As  it is before you the answers will come . Sometimes by reading others by a still small voice.

Meditate. Stand securely.

Warriors of Light know but they remember how they learned to listen.

He Will Bring Light

March on ! When it feels cold He will warm your heart with His Word.

When it seems impossibly dark He will bring light. In fact your smile and reflection of His trust may warm and bring light to the whole picture.

Pray to gain strength.

Read Psalm 91 and be refreshed.

Meditate on your blessings.

Warriors of Light know to eat properly and rest before the march. They must remind each other to eat and drink cautiously after the march. They remember that victory is already in possession.