You Are Different But Beautifully So

Dance with joy sometime during each day ! The breath of life is a treasure not to be wasted. Yes, you are different but beautifully so. Enter the Light where you will shine. Let your shine inspire another and offer the hand of Hope. Feel His Love as you open your fist to reach out. With open hands you will receive more than you can give. Mystery, mystery !

Pray and listen to the answers He gives you. Some call the still small voice intuition.

Read Good Words. Your mind will glean the positive and turn a bit each time. Your Heart will feed and soften.

Meditate. Let the world spin without your direction. Relax, safely fixed to its surface.

Warriors of Light know Humility as the key to being right sized. They choose loyalty as their path to Honor. Loyalty will cleanse the mind of imaginable doubts and allow the delight of dancing intimately, deeply bonding with The Creator and His other children

Watch the Steps Turn into Dance

There is a plan for you and it is a good plan ! Just be willing to take the steps and watch the steps turn into dance.

Drop the rocks, ignore the old scars holding you down and dance. Opportunities await your move.

Pray as if sharing with an old friend.

Read scripture and learn how to let go.

Meditate. Breathe in deeply. Exhale slowly and let go.

Warriors of Light know the rewards of following the lead. Follow the Master through the rough waters, the deep and into the calm.

Dancing Through the Raindrops

Concentrate on the good ! Feed the fire of hope and accomplishment !

Awaken as if there is a bucket of joy at the foot of your bed. It is most tasty when shared and will sour if kept. Spread the joy though the people in your day and watch waves of it return to you in the evening .

Pray. Talk to the best friend you have in your life.

Read scripture and learn more about the resources available.

Meditate. Stop the noise in your head by breathing deeply more than twice.

Warriors of Light are ordinary people who simply dance through the raindrops treasuring the growth and change that they bring.

Step Out on the Service Path Before You

It is a new day ! See the good in today, now, the present ! It is wrapped up for you, filled with opportunity !

Don’t reach back for the problems or get into your troubled stance, watching for the next blow. Step out in service to the path before you .

Rejoice and be glad in it !

Pray and tell Him all about it.

Share your fears. Watch them fall into half.

Read scripture. Find your flavor.

Meditate. This means purposely relax with deep breathing.

Warriors of Light dance during chores. They dance during travels. Join in. Find it contagious. Spread the joy !

Putting Others Before Yourself

“Love is a decision to put the welfare of another before that of yourself.”  Choose to care about the troops in your life and the day becomes dance. Each encounter is a place on your dance card. The joy and smiles created lift the spirits and put a spring in the step.

Pray to share your understandings with Him. Watch for His winks during your chores.

Read scripture and learn the players. See the Way.

Meditate and realize (make real) good things in your life.

Warriors of Light know thoughts have power. Build up the people around you with kindness.  Enjoy them as playmates not hostages.

The Lessons of the Day

Each day is full of lessons. Some are easy, we know the answer and dance on.

Some are hard, with tests created at our own hand. Help is always available.

Pray for understanding. Frustration will diminish. The next step will be more clear.

Read scripture and devotions to provoke right thinking.

Meditate. Focus on your breathing. Relax. Just enjoy being.

Warriors of Light are warriors not tourists. They stay aware of even the quiet battles. Many offer no return for the engagement.

Some must be buffered by a troop movement. Some require head on confrontation. Warriors of Light listen. The Commander will choose the battles, knowing war has already been won.

Touch the Moment

Touch the moment that is at your hand. Relish the treasures it holds.

Drop the baggage you carry and enter.

Offer yourself in service. Offer them a smile. Offer Him the “sacrifice of Praise.”

Pray and remember He carries you.

Read scripture. That means find it, open it, and put yours eyes upon it. Let it’s power have place in your day.

Meditate. Inhale the riches of life.

Warriors of Light dance in their off time. The music lifts their spirits. It reminds them of impossible battles won. It inspires them and gives them strength for the day.

Feast on the Goodness in Life

Feast on the goodness in life !

Even the pain and heartache are for the purpose of making the desirable fruit shine.

Feast on your labor and relish your ability to focus, to perform.

Feast on the variety of people, how they make you smile !

Laugh at yourself ! Laugh with God ! He knows you !

Pray to enjoy and to cheer with appreciation!

Read Psalms this week ! Find the treasures and the reassurance.

Warriors of Light know the battle is in the mind. Their dance diminishes the power of the adversary !

Attitude and Life

Created equal ? How ? John doesn’t look like Martha and Bobby is missing a leg. Equality lies in the opportunity to have the right attitude. We have a responsibility to dance in the light.

“Life is 95 percent your chosen reaction and 5 percent or less what actually happened.” A smile and a humble countenance cannot lose.

Pray before you rise. Thank Him for your opportunity even if your task seems a struggle.

Read scripture and learn more about who God is.

Meditate. Enjoy the stillness, the quiet when you stop.

Warriors of Light know that arrogance serves no one. That being humble is being “right-sized.”

Realizing Your Strength

It is such a bright and amazing thing ! The arguments of details burn away.  We stand in awe. The awe becomes joy and then peace. It brings love and healing.

Receive it and become whole. Dance with new legs. Realize your strength. Let difficulties stay in the mind from which they originate.

Pray and touch reality.

Read scripture and devotionals to keep the clouds from your day.

Meditate with expectancy and gratitude. Soak in your blessings.

Warriors of Light know that some paths hold trouble. Steps into the darkness can twist the ankles and anchors of truth. Hold fast. He comes.