See His Glory in Rays of Sunshine

Imagine The Creative Force became visible and poured out His Light and Love. Would worries continue or would everything humbly fall to the knees ?

Open spiritual eyes to see His glory in rays of sunshine striking the flower or a wisp of breeze brushing the face.

Pray to communicate with The Force in charge.

Read scripture and see worry dropping is specifically requested.

Meditation done properly creates a worry free zone.

Warriors of Light know turning to Him is the answer to all. From roofing issues, red tape, health and affairs of the heart, His Strength can be seen. Be still and know simply by pulling the head out of the mind.

Help is on the Way with only a Request

Choose to honor Him with your words and actions and you become honorable. No matter your past or present failings or dilemma He is reaching out in your heart. He uses the fallen and the broken to display His strength and Power.

Pray and speak personally with the Creator of the Universe. He is listening.

Read scripture to discover He aches to set you free from your bondages.

Meditate. Just inhale deeply and relax for a few, this counts.

Warriors of Light have learned that we are all but one step away from improvement, healing, discovery, falling more in love, rescue, fulfillment or disaster. It is our choice to but place one foot in the right direction. Help is on the way with only a request.