One Tiny Step at a Time is All it Takes to Change Direction

One tiny step at a time is all it takes to change direction, reality, purpose and destination. One step is all it takes to become honest, courageous or thoughtful. He is waiting to help and the world is waiting to see integrity as the fashion statement that grows more attractive with age.

Pray to stay on the beam and enfolded by His warmth.

Read scripture to see no struggles are new or unique.

Meditate on Goodness and take Delight.

Warriors of Light know that it all boils down only to taking one step at a time. His hand is available to all, inside His hand lies Peace of mind.

Changing the Angle of Approach

Our hearts must change. The responsibility for our situation lies entirely in our own hands.

Any blame we distribute to others holds further damage to us and our cause.

Humility is the goal. Humility strives to give, love and improve. Humility tenderizes our hearts and our relationships.

Pray. Ask for clearer vision.

Read scripture to improve your angle of approach.

Meditate. Relax in your status as His child. Breathe in your opportunities.

Warriors of Light train to be fierce when needed and courageous under fire. Many battles can be won with a cheerful spirit and a grateful heart.