Good Times are Green Pastures

Actions and inaction have consequences which cause the heart to grow or harden. With Him as the CEO there are no injustices or tragedies, only opportunities for growth. Appearances may differ but all things work for the good of His purposes.

Pray to understand the benefits of change.

Read scripture. Just having the books open will change the perspective.

Meditate on the Goodness in life.

Warriors of Light know that growth is measured by the warmth of their smile and their generosity. Hard times forge their spiritual weapons and practice their moves. Good times are green pastures. Constant are the times for Praise and Thanksgiving.

Walk on with Faith

Consequences always follow. It may be so long that you think they missed you but they will arrive in their time. If they are good, enjoy your accolades and if otherwise know the He holds your hand. Walk on with Faith to your calling.

Pray as you walk, work and breathe.

Read scripture. It will illustrate the timelessness of Truth.

Meditate and relax in the safety of His Love.

Warriors of Light keep their weapons clean. Soot from old battles can thwart the path of their spiritual bullets. It is better to come clean in confessions, in preparation for new encounters, and in becoming available for new assignments.

Which Path to Take

There are two paths. One leads to self respect, a good reputation, and the fulfillment of our dreams. The other leads to a bikini clad girl with a drink by the pool. She points to a chair by a crowd of men and women with enticing smiles offering us a feel good experience. The problem is we wonder which path to take.

Pray to your Father who desires to give you all that you need.

Read scripture to remind us of the consequences.

Meditate and relax in your path.

Warriors of Light train to make good choices. A string of good choices can weave us into a secure life with great family and friend relationships.

Gaining Understanding

Scientists continually gain understanding the power of gravity or it’s relationship to electricity. We understand it’s consequences when we drop the ball or when we fall. We can’t see it, yet it’s force is undisputed.

Pray for the understanding needed to improve your relationship with the strongest power.

Read scripture and learn the love of this power .

Meditate. Just closing your eyes slows your brain’s power from moving outward.

Warriors of Light allow The Greatest Power to access their territory. Their souls are warmed and glow. Positives are attracted.


Good choices result in good consequences.

I can see the results in people’s lives. They make choices and they have consequences. There are physical laws like gravity. Man’s laws like stop signs, and God’s laws like love your neighbor.

When we break any of these laws we suffer consequences. Not all consequences are immediate. We have the opportunity to use all these laws as guideposts for our freedom.

I know that I am free from waiting for the other shoe to drop when I have made good decisions. I have peace of mind. That’s worth more than several million dollars.

Pray. Read. Meditate.

Remove the things that block the Sunlight of the Spirit from shining through your life. Enjoy being a Warrior of Light!

What does a “Warrior of Light” mean?

A “warrior of light” is in my understanding a person with hope. Hope that he can be better; Hope that the world will be better; Hope that there is meaning; Hope despite the doubts and gloom that surround us often. He is not absolutely sure of himself or absolutely flawless. He knows that he is not perfect. He knows that the world is not perfect. But he does not give up the hope.

Gomathi Shankar, I want to live many lives in one life. Working towards it.

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