Let Him Guide You

Run first to Him with your issues. Let Him guide you through your efforts and avoid the madness of not knowing.

Pray for direction and answers.

Read scripture. The words speak and The Spirit speaks in the presence of The Word.

Meditate. Breathe in the confidence offered to you.

Warriors of Light value Trust and Guidance. The remember that it is a Good Commander that wins the battle.

Goodness is Right Before You, Pick it Up

Find the goodness in each day ! It is right before you waiting to be picked up, tried out, internalized, shared. It will serve you. The bad news, the shuffle, the trauma, even the explosions are but distractions to cloud your vision.

Pray to see the best. Let Him remove the scales from your eyes.

Read scripture. It promises a good ending .

Meditate . It will slow your mind and help you to see.

Warriors of Light march confidently toward the sun. The right angle of approach allows them to be refreshed .