There is a Plan for your Specific Design

Thoughts and spoken words create the person, written words create the plan. There is a Plan for your specific Design. There is a certain time of each day when The Light is most clearly seen. Like a blueprint for a large house it is not easily viewed all at once. The fine details of window sizing or plumbing are best seen by looking closely in one area at a time. Discussions with The Architect are a must.

Pray. This gives you direct access to The Designer before completion.

Read scripture for evidence of His Designing skills and satisfied reports of His other Plans.

Meditate. This practice is most effective when it seems you have the least time.

Warriors of Light have realized that we are Designed to be Loved because He loves us. Instead of reporting their desires and needs, they dare to Bask in His Mercy. He seems to enjoy their staked claim and displays the Brilliance of His Love.