The Schooling is for You and Your Soul to Grow

Pick the bright version of reality, make your claim ! Don’t be fooled by the clouds which tell you the Light is gone forever. Watch the paths of people in your life converge if only for only a time, grab the lessons offered on nature, issues, Love or carpentry. Don’t mourn the rearrangement but Rejoice at the change in flavor. The schooling is for you and your soul to grow, then offer to others as we march.

Pray. The issue is not belief or its intensity, but to come out of oneself and discuss or report things to Management.

Read scripture and be amazed by old discussions of current events.

Meditate. Allow your brain waves to settle on a frequency that feeds you Joy.

Warriors of Light carry bits of Light and news of the Light in their smiles and compassion. They bring fresh perspective available to any who ask and demonstrated to those who watch. To them giving is receiving even more of the Light.