See His Glory in Rays of Sunshine

Imagine The Creative Force became visible and poured out His Light and Love. Would worries continue or would everything humbly fall to the knees ?

Open spiritual eyes to see His glory in rays of sunshine striking the flower or a wisp of breeze brushing the face.

Pray to communicate with The Force in charge.

Read scripture and see worry dropping is specifically requested.

Meditation done properly creates a worry free zone.

Warriors of Light know turning to Him is the answer to all. From roofing issues, red tape, health and affairs of the heart, His Strength can be seen. Be still and know simply by pulling the head out of the mind.

Communications and Integrity

Communication requires integrity of electrical parts, wave lengths, transistors and translators. It starts with integrity of the heart. Without this integrity words are often used to hurt and manipulate. Here, there is no obligation to respond and survival skills lead one elsewhere for Life and Peace. He is the author of Peace.

Pray and tell Our Father about it all. He delivers Wisdom and Discernment 24/7, for free.

Read scripture it holds answers and clears the mind to receive them.

Meditate. Stop moving and worrying, relax in His breath if not your own.

Warriors of Light stand by their words. They understand many others do not. They move amongst these, when necessary,  without resentment or desire to control.

Knowing that the main gig is their relationship with Him, they allow other things to fall into place. They enjoy His Peace.