Prayer Opens the Windows of the Soul

Lighten Up ! Pull the curtains back from darkened areas and allow the The Light to fill the room, the home, the hearts and the closets. More opened up equals more filled and overflowing.

Pray because prayer opens the windows of the soul.

Read scripture to find door keys and door stops to keep things open.

Meditate, it flushes Light into those committee rooms of the mind.

Warriors of Light enjoy comfortable quarters, with nothing to be cleaned or hidden before visitors arrive. Visitors come, they are drawn by the Light.

Decisions Weave Patterns of Thought


Decisions weave patterns of thought into life. He provides the loom, thread quality is selected individually and stitches depend on willingness and ambition. Integrity and Trust keep things tight and even. Self gratifying desire allows pesky moth holes.

Pray more often. See your fabric quality improve.

Read scripture and knit the Word into your heart.

Meditate and relax in the satiny texture of your mind with the committee’s volume turned off.

Warriors of Light know lint quality and fiber strength. The prudent ones learn from their own experience, the wise simply Trusted  the Commander.