Watch the Big Clouds and Shadows of Life Melt and Disappear

The winds of life change feelings and circumstances, but unchanged remains Your Father’s Love like an anchor, your very present Help in times of trouble. Watch the big clouds and shadows of life melt and disappear when you focus on Him.

Pray often enough to become  Management friendly.

Read scripture enough to tuck a few lines in your heart for protection.

Meditate, deep breathing changes perspective and oxygen content.

Warriors of Light know much of Life is spiritual warfare. Unaware is unarmed. Corrected attitude, which is an angle of approach, gains the advantage. Gratitude lifts the Spirit out of the line of fire and Praise reinforces our shield of Faith to quench those fiery darts. March on !

The Gates to Success

With your impeccable word you open the gates to success. Create a road of trust that leads to you those who value their time, their assets, their love.

Pray to keep it between the lines.

Read scripture, note the flavor.

Meditate. Be still and meet with yourself.

Warriors of Light illuminate the path for others. The weight of their step leaves impression. Their smile lifts the clouds.