Read the Signs for Direction and Clarity

Read the signs. Make your decisions wisely. Whether you are traveling to an unfamiliar place or starting a new relationship, read the signs.

Pray for direction and clarity.

Read scripture and let your mind rest. Your purpose will be defined.

Meditate. Use beads or breathing. Participate in the rhythm of your breath.

Warriors of Light are always learning. A teachable spirit allows training for the Commander’s missions. Learning is an honor.

Love and Be Loved and Solve Problems

Be the answer to someone else’s prayers. We are designed to love, be loved and solve problems. God works through other people. Often, He speaks through other people. Allow yourself to be one of those other people. Embrace your position !

Pray for clarity and desire.

Read scripture, the source of the wise old sayings. Get the info first hand.

Warriors of Light are happiest when carrying and sharing the Light. Their tasks are voluntary. Their skills sharpen with practice. Their work is well thought of and enjoyable. What’s not to like ?

Trust God. Stop Worrying.

Clarity can be hidden but it is there ! Distracted by a stiff knee, an unexpected bill or a rude comment we start thinking. Stop !

Inhale deeply and expect the best. Trust God.

“Get out of His way that you may be in His will.”

He has got this ! Enjoy the ride !

Pray. Can’t see the way ? Take His hand.

Read scripture. Learn about your support system.

Meditate. Stop moving and worrying for a few breaths. You can do this almost anywhere.

Warriors of Light have learned.

“You can’t fall out of the middle of the bed.”

Peace of Mind

Sometimes we forget or become confused but…there are rules. Instructions for decisions and behavior. The rules are not for restraint but for freedom and peace of mind. Self respect and honor will afford prosperity.

Pray for clarity if confused.

Read scripture. Often your answers will dance on the page.

Meditate. That means to stop the worry and realize your success.

Warriors of Light know the power of thoughts. Discipline troops ! Keep it positive and moving forward!

As Others See Us

We can’t see ourselves the way other people see us. We can see part of what they see and they can see part of what we see. Add to that when upset people are not really voicing their true complaint. Add to that, men don’t like to talk about it. Our best bet is to be polite and pray. Let things settle down.

Pray humbly to be shown what you need to see.

Read scripture and devotionals to gain new perspective.

Meditate on what is already good and understandable.

Warriors of Light:

Trust God.

Move forward with your own housecleaning.

Do the next right thing.

Greatly Improved Childhood

“Pride and arrogance cloud our vision. Humility clears the view.”

Even the past looks better from a humble perspective. My childhood has greatly improved.

Pray for clarity and perspective.

Learn to forgive.

Read scripture to remind yourself who you are. Read devotionals and enjoy who you are .

Meditate on how you can carry this information to focus during your day.

Warriors of Light do not enjoy laziness . They use their down time for rest and preparation. They may be distant but the sounds of battle are clear