Spiritual Growth and Relationships

Spiritual growth is our main priority. Circumstances are but reflections of our success in this effort and products of our relationships. Relationships are where the rubber meets the road.

Pray to Our Father. Knowing where we stand as his child lets all else fall into place.

Read scripture. Learning here causes less scarring.

Meditate on all the good that He has offered you.

Warriors of Light listen. Often the pontificator’s astute eye of judgement is a mark of laziness avoiding the responsibility of action. Warriors know the right actions create right thinking followed by right feelings. Warriors shine because they polish.

Your Moods and Your Joy Need Not Be Storm Tossed

If circumstances are your cause for joy, your moods will be tossed about as if in a great storm on the deck of a small ship in a dark, cold ocean.

Let recognition of His Love bring your joy. His hand will hold you firmly. Feel His steady grip, a cause for smile, through adversity.

Pray that you will not receive what you deserve. Pray only for His blessings.

Read scripture, a source of Wisdom and Peace.

Warriors of Light see everyday as a new adventure. Their work places goods or services where needed. Often the Commander winks at them with a great fit, an amazing fragrance or an unexpected thanks. It just gets better !