We are Never More Than One Step Away From the Right Direction

We all face the same battles no matter how different our circumstances. We wish to find love, purpose and peace of mind.

Searching the world for this leads to superficial results. Searching under His wings while holding His hand brings true growth and lasting results.

Pray to express your desires and concerns where the Listener  has some real Power.

Read scripture to gain clues on maintaining the best position.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax in His arms.

Warriors of Light know that He has eyes going to and fro looking for hearts that desire His touch. He can redeem even the poorest of decisions. We are never more than one step away from the right direction.

Pray to Communicate

Plan on the unexpected and expect change. If there is nothing planned but time without interruptions the washing machine is sure to flood or the power will fail. Through all of this place focus on Him. Circumstances and relations will flow but His Love never wanes.

Pray to communicate with the Master of Peace and Life.

Read scripture to renew your mind and feed your Spirit.

Meditate on His Goodness through it all.

Warriors of Light know that all movement around us is to develop our Spirit and our relationship with Him. That priority properly placed allows all else to heal and grow as it should. Selah.

Prayer is a Vehicle for Change

Dominion over circumstances has been given to those who will take it, those who gain perspective or a new angle of approach. The truck driver sits higher up and can see further. His radio tells him what trusted truckers are seeing. He moves in the know. He can deliver the goods.

Pray. It is free and He has requested your call. Prayer is a vehicle for change.

Read scripture. The words will alter your view and insure a glimpse of Truth.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and let your Spirit flow in the traffic of Goodness.

Warriors of Light recognize the battle that goes on all day long.

Spiritual warfare is used in stores with pleasant music and busy restaurants with cool temperatures. Keep the mind stayed upon Hope and Peace will arrive.

 It is Only Pride that Keeps our Hands on the Reins

It is only pride that keeps our hands on the reins comparing our struggles to that of others. Seasons, feelings and circumstances change but He stays the same, waiting to be of help. He is always at hand and the solution to everything is to let Him carry the weight.

Pray and let your feelings be known.

Read scripture. The Humility of opening the pages opens the heart to the Good News.

Meditate. Relax and breathe deeply. From there one can often get the message as His Kingdom is within.

Warriors of Light share with fellow troops and with estranged travelers. Their missions spread the Joy available to all.

Gratitude and Praise Act as Oars

What happens in our life is less important that how we respond.

Even when startled we make a choice to smile and march forward, allowing all things to work for our Good. Even a wrong decision can be redeemed and appear as part of The Plan. Gratitude and Praise act as oars to row and allow us to float through the swamps of Life or to race along the smooth waters.

Pray for Direction and watch understanding unfold.

Read scripture and fuel The Force.

Words have Power.

Meditate. Purposely relax and adjust to the temperature of Life.

Warriors of Light feed their souls  His Goodness and Mercy. What goes in, comes out no matter the circumstances. Their tongue becomes used to sweet words. Those words create their reality.

Emotions Shape the Sands of Relationships with Each Wave

Emotions, like oceans, wash the shores of relationships shaping the sand with the touch of each wave. Waters rise and fall by the tides, with His hand our hearts stay sure. With Gratitude we are anchored through the storms. With Praise we find position and purpose.

Pray, with prayer we can report our position and receive signals.

Read scripture, it is an old treasure map.

Meditate. Here we can breathe deeply and float above our circumstances.

Warriors of Light are sailors and fishermen at heart. They navigate by staying on the beam.

Quick and right actions keep their thinking straight, smiles keep the rescue boats at the ready.

Spiritual Growth and Relationships

Spiritual growth is our main priority. Circumstances are but reflections of our success in this effort and products of our relationships. Relationships are where the rubber meets the road.

Pray to Our Father. Knowing where we stand as his child lets all else fall into place.

Read scripture. Learning here causes less scarring.

Meditate on all the good that He has offered you.

Warriors of Light listen. Often the pontificator’s astute eye of judgement is a mark of laziness avoiding the responsibility of action. Warriors know the right actions create right thinking followed by right feelings. Warriors shine because they polish.

Your Moods and Your Joy Need Not Be Storm Tossed

If circumstances are your cause for joy, your moods will be tossed about as if in a great storm on the deck of a small ship in a dark, cold ocean.

Let recognition of His Love bring your joy. His hand will hold you firmly. Feel His steady grip, a cause for smile, through adversity.

Pray that you will not receive what you deserve. Pray only for His blessings.

Read scripture, a source of Wisdom and Peace.

Warriors of Light see everyday as a new adventure. Their work places goods or services where needed. Often the Commander winks at them with a great fit, an amazing fragrance or an unexpected thanks. It just gets better !