Pray as if Speaking to Your Daddy

Magnificent Power and Love lie at our fingertips, unseen but always present, available, waiting. Awaken to the opportunities available on the team.

Enjoy the security of knowing who you are as His creation with His purposes.

Pray as if speaking to your Daddy in your home.

Read scripture as if a story written for you.

Meditate and relax. It is a healing privilege.

Warriors of Light know much can be accomplished by prayer and adoration. So quiet and still yet so powerful, hearts are moved by being still.  Circumstances and feelings are changeable.

Choose Goodness and Kindness in Thoughts, Words and Life

Choose your words, forcing a change in thinking, choose your life. Repeat until it becomes natural. Nothing but goodness, kindness can stay in a life if that is what is spoken.

Honor Him by your words and you will become one honored by Him. Nice positioning to enjoy.

Pray to be thoughtful about what you speak into your life.

Read scripture and remind yourself that outward circumstances will change.

Meditate. Inhale deeply and relax. Repeat.

Warriors of Light find repetition to be the basis of training. It is enjoyable to visit with a Warrior, whose smile comes from within without need for validation