It is All in How You Respond

Choose the best ! Choose the best attitude when observing any situation. Choose the kindest response to each person you touch.

Their approach matters not and justifies nothing. It is our approach that defines our life.

Pray.  Pray for the wherewithal to respond not react.

Read scripture. See parts of the plan, see your part.

Meditate. This gives you added preparation for anything.

Warriors of Light know the Director runs the show.  Their willingness to play cameos roles or be make up artists keeps them in the game with star quality.

Breathe Deeply, Soak It In, Meditate

Choose wisely and choose joy. Repeat often, thinking improves, feelings follow. This makes a good recovery no matter how dramatic the fumble.

Pray. Help is available. Life is a team sport.

Read scripture and more will be revealed. Old questions find new answers.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and soak it in.

Warriors of Light are privileged to know there is a Commander, it is not them.