Choose Not to Starve at the Feast of Life

“Don’t come to the feast table of life and starve to death.” Your choices are the keys to the banquet. Choose to look at the positive.  Be open to sharing and loving. You really have nothing to lose.

Pray. It is your privilege to go directly to Management.

Read scripture with enough humility to receive its treasures.

Meditate. Be still, breathe deeply and reflect on the goodness.

Warriors of Light know the effectiveness of their training is demonstrated in their relationships

Know a Spirit by Its Fruits

“You will know a Spirit by its fruits.” Choose love and peace. Avoid confusion. There is always a choice.

A brother ran to his sister with a hurried look. He explained that he had found just the right place for their parents to receive care. He added that the places were in short supply, would increase in value and that he needed her (sizable) half within three days. There was the answer.

Even though she loved her parents, found joy in her brother’s efforts and wished to please them all, she knew.

“There is no haste in God’s will.”

Pray up to him. Watch things straighten along the plumb line that lowers.

Read scripture. Just opening the book will let your mind receive the answers.

Meditate. Do this before the battle. Increase your odds of success.

Warriors of Light see life as an adventure. Their willingness to play a part puts them to good use. Their reward is the best view of the main show.

When No One Is Watching

Be helpful even when no one is watching. Be trustworthy when no one is looking at you. Be courageous even when no one will know. And then don’t share the news ! Quietly enjoy the fruits of good character, of good choices.

Pray. Prayer works.

Read scripture. In it find instructions and answers.

Meditate. Choose silence. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly. Repeat.

Warriors of Light know their character is built with the choices they make. Even the wrong choices will be redeemed for those looking upward.