Allow the Wheels of the Soul to Roll

Individually designed for each is the vehicle of Soul. It can be molded into a Rolls, Ferrari, Chevy pickup, or VW beetle, all choices are available. It can be detailed and serviced at the House of Worship and driving lessons are available. Viewed with the heart of child all options can be added and all destinations are possible.

Pray for vision to see Love that guides and protects.

Read scripture to find the road map. The Word will stimulate internal radar.

Meditate. This allows the mind to realize a Church is a garage not a police station.

Warriors of Light know Forgiveness is the grease that allows wheels to roll. Rolling in Joy for a cruise or a race, all choices are available.

Available to Those With an Open Heart

Love, kindness and Goodness are always available to those with an open heart. Start with a smile, remember a name, ask about the day or the child. Now you belong and they look forward to your next visit.

Pray that your march through Life brings joy to others.

Read scripture and find the path.

Meditate. Breathe in the safety of your position.

Warriors of Light see the Joy amongst the tribulations. They share.

The Love of a Father is Forever

The strength and sweetness of a man with his child is a poetic and moving sight, an example of Our Father. No matter how far we run from Him, His love will tug at our hearts. Growth and independence, even wealth will not give completeness.

Pray to find your spot. It may be right where you are standing.

Read scripture. Find notes from your Daddy.

Meditate. Free and fulfilling it spices the taste of Life.

Warriors of Light march with purpose illuminating the trustworthy love of The Commander.