Increase Your Strength By Helping Others

A child of the King !

Realize your position, wealth, health and opportunities by honoring Him as you awaken. Draw closer with your responses.  Stop reacting. Pause, choose your words, tone and moves. Be the best you.

Pray to remember who you are.

Read scripture to see the lay of the land and the position of the other players.

Meditate. Inhale the gift of your breath.

Warriors of Light increase their strength by helping others. Their practiced step may be a giant leap for a brother. Repeated extension of the arm makes it stronger.

Try Looking Up Before Getting Up

Look up before you get up. This simple movement of willingness will set you and your day on the best possible track.

Pray before pulling back the covers.

Read scripture or devotionals easily reached from the bed.

Meditate. Deeply consider your position as His child. Relax in the knowledge that He has your back.

Warriors of Light know the enemy’s plans to distract our minds and steal our Joy. They take steps to insure good footing in each day.