Growth is Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

Let Him in ! Be awakened by Him. Let Him direct your mind and lead your eyes to see the good side of every trial. Without trials we remain untested. After trials we remain assured of our strength and His love.

Pray. Expect Him to be the type of parent you’d like to be.

Read scripture. Now bring it home. Don’t hang it in the closet, put it on.

Warriors of Light know the best times are now ! The earth is tilted, seasons change, growth is two steps forward one step back and the winning hand holds a cheerful spirit and a grateful heart.

Seeing Our Portrait As Others Do

We are portraits. We are treasure chests. Fill yourself with a cheerful Spirit and a grateful heart and they will never notice your attire. Appreciate their brush strokes and sparkles and they will always remember how you made them feel.

Pray for the vision to see your own skill sets.

Read scripture. It reveals that there is nothing new under the sun.

Warriors of Light learn that The Father’s love is revealed in the smiles and touches of our fellows but mostly in our response.

As We Think, So We Are

“As a man thinketh, so is he.”

Today, expect the best ! Make this day an adventure. Watch for the small joys of a breeze, a butterfly or a pretty smile. Be part of the miracles in other people’s lives.

Pray for a cheerful spirit and a grateful heart.

Read scripture. It contains clues.

Meditate. Relax in deep breathing.

Warriors of Light know that encouragement wins the battle !

Letting Go the Part That is Broken

How can He fix it if you won’t let go ?  Just like a child’s toy our hands, minds, and line of thought must release the broken piece.  It is lifted to the Father. He knows the care and fix for everything. He knows what is best.

Keep a cheerful spirit and a grateful heart ! Give Thanks !

Pray first thing or start over. Prayer works.

Read scripture. Even a few words offer peace.

Meditate. More important than it seems. Stop moving and inhale deeply. Close the eyelids.

Warriors of Light open scripture and watch the evil one flee. They internalize and memorize lil phrases. Stored for later use they offer protection from darkness.