Pray as an Action of Trust

Seasons change and feelings change but attitudes are angles of approach not moods.

Make a habit of choosing the positives and habits become your character.

Pray as an action of trust in the Great Positive Force.

Read scripture to remember how long He has been.

Meditate and allow the mind to rest and the soul to be refreshed.

Warriors of Light know it’s an inside job of taking position actions, thinking positive thoughts and feelings follow suit. Smile and help a traveler take the first step.

When No One Is Watching

Be helpful even when no one is watching. Be trustworthy when no one is looking at you. Be courageous even when no one will know. And then don’t share the news ! Quietly enjoy the fruits of good character, of good choices.

Pray. Prayer works.

Read scripture. In it find instructions and answers.

Meditate. Choose silence. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly. Repeat.

Warriors of Light know their character is built with the choices they make. Even the wrong choices will be redeemed for those looking upward.

Responsibility is Found in the Mirror

It is not them ! They are not the problem ! Look in the mirror. See who is responsible.  Follow this with the knowledge that help is on the way if we but ask. But ask now !

Pray. Talk to Our Father.

Read scripture to learn poise and wisdom. Memorize pieces to build your own character.

Meditate. Stop.

Stop reacting. Choose.

Choose your response.

Warriors of Light smile. Service gives them joy. Integrity gives them stature.

Finishing What We Start

To carry a project to completion hones our character.  “To perform as promised ” is an attribute all dream of in themselves, their friends, their contracts and their purchases. A win for all simply abides in the description.

Pray. Be thankful for inspiration to do the right thing.

Read scripture. Value truth.

Meditate. Relax. Become.

Warriors of Light get to celebrate victories. Their celebration involves giving to others and collecting smiles and memories.

Staying Brave

“Be not afraid.” The worst we imagined never happened.” Most fear is self centered. Even shyness, which seems purely humble is self centered fear. Refuse to participate. Save your energy for being grateful !

Enjoy your life !

Pray to stay brave.

Read scripture and devotionals for inspiration.

Meditate on the peace always available to us.

Warriors of Light are so busy sharing and giving that they don’t have time to worry.

Looking for a spiritual experience ? Breathe. We are spirits enveloped by the human experience. Enjoy !

Building character in our souls is the mission. Expansion of hearts, increased depth of our compassion, these are the markers of our success.

Pray for good direction.

Read scripture like a map and devotionals like the legend.

Meditate. Breathe more slowly and seriously consider the moment.

Warriors of Light know. You can see the sparkle in their eye.