Often a Little Time or a Sandwich

Challenge of the day –

Examine your part in the difficulty before getting self righteous about the failings of loved ones.

Often a little time or a sandwich will alleviate most of their guilt and refresh your perspective.

Pray first. Save time for everyone and pray first.

Read scripture. Good thoughts leave less room for bad ones.

Meditate. Find yourself.

Warriors of Light are not faultless but all that light, the warmth of their hug and their smile is redemptive.

Shackles of Delay

The shackles of delay beset only our mind. They do not stop God’s work or His love.

Time spent waiting can offer opportunities for reflection and appreciation. If your motives are right, even your mistakes will be used in His service. Pray. Have another conversation with One who knows. Read. Read scripture and devotionals to feed the good dog that lives in your head. Meditate. Reflect on what is good. Slowly now…

He also serves who only stands and waits.

Warriors of Light know that some of their most important duties require them to be still. To watch. To listen. To just be there.