Celebrate in Your Ability to Be Kind and Understanding

Celebrate in your own ability to be kind and understanding, which grows proportionally with our Trust in Him. Nothing else can impact you, your health, your wealth or your entire reality more.

Remember celebration is in the present moment, filled with smiles and Joy.

Pray because it is our privilege to speak to Him personally.

Read scripture and find that it’s answers are offered for us.

Meditate because it is our privilege to relax in His care.

Warriors of Light accept the responsibilities of care of themselves and their household, knowing that He works through us and others to gain our portion.

Music of Life Lifts the Spirits


To shine we must polish. So, polish.

The body, mind and soul enjoy the adventure ! Tend to all.

Watch them flourish !

Let the music of life lift the spirits.

Let the eyes feast on the colors of the day.

Rock on !

Pray as naturally as breathing.

Let it become a part of surviving. Survive more gracefully.

Read scripture. Let it become the foundation it is designed to be.

Meditate. Breathe slowly and deeply. Count to ten.

Warriors of Light gear up for holidays and celebrations.


They enjoy the party by being prepared for the attack. It brings not dismay but joy. They stand firm, their loins girded with Truth.