Be of Service, Find Purpose

Celebrate your life by being all that you can be!

Then realize that Humility leads to the highest point.

Get outside of self and think of others first, be of service, find purpose.

Pray and speak to The Source.

Read scripture and gain perspective.

Meditate and relax with deep breathing. Stop and just be for a few.

Warriors of Light maintain their Peace by sharing their piece. This marks their reality with Joy and brings Light to any situation. Don’t make light of it, keep it Light!

Celebrate Your LIfe

Celebrate your life in the way you walk, sit, stand and care for yourself. Celebrate your time by choosing with whom you share it.

Celebrate your work by being the best you can be. Let Gratitude ooze from your soul as you continue the celebration.

Pray. Speak with the Author.

Read scripture, it is one of His better pieces.

Meditate. Relax and watch the world spin without your effort.

Warriors of Light dance in their celebration. An observer would call it marching but in fact they are line dancing, making fun even during chores.

Celebrate Life with a Smile

Celebrate your life with a smile in each moment. Smiles are contagious and they bring joy to others. Smiles open the way for Him to bless you further. Look around and find the treasures before you, a ray of sunshine or a breeze. These can’t be purchased but they make the day.

Pray to see the Goodness in everything.

Read scripture and learn the signals.

Meditate by breathing slowly and deeply. Treasure the peace.

Warriors of Light smile while on missions. They recognize fellow troops by the twinkle in their eye.

They value something unique in each little moment. Life is like the contests where you must be present to win.