Lessons Already Known

A boost in the right direction means the world.

We are seen, there is care.

The struggle not just ours, but ours to share.

Different but equal, separate but one. The battle is over. Love is everywhere.

Pray within or without He hears.

Read scripture. It is finished. No tears.

Warriors of Light are reminders of lessons already known. They illuminate the Way. The Way already shown.

He is With You

Feelings change and circumstances change. He never changes. He is love and truth and mercy. He is always there and He really cares for His children.

It may seem tragic and really difficult today but “All things work together for those who love God.”

Pray for acceptance of the situation today and hope for tomorrow.

Read scripture. Gain more understanding.

Meditate. Relax. Enjoy the privilege of being.

Warriors of Light recognize the signals. Sometimes movement of birds or the smell of bear. Sometimes the wind. They stand ready with the shield of faith, their loins girded with Truth.