Celebrate that He Breathed Life Into Your Soul

Celebrate the fact that He breathed life into your soul ! Celebrate that you have learned how to hear, listen and make wise choices. When unsure, look around and watch the answers appear. He works through other people but He belongs to you !

Pray, loyally continuing your conversation of growth and appreciation.

Read scripture to remind the boisterous spirit that Humility is the key.

Meditate. Taste the Trust required to stop and let go.

Warriors of Light are interesting and interested individuals devoting their strengths to becoming a part “of” rather than standing apart “from”.  You can find their camps from a great distance by the Light. Coming closer we shouts of Joy and Praise followed by grunts of satisfaction.

His Goodness Will Straighten Your Steps, with an Added Bounce

Set your mind on the good not looking for fault. Head for the Light provided and notice that It is always provided. Keep moving forward regardless of how tangled the path appears. Focusing on His Goodness will straighten your steps with an added bounce.

Prayer is the most important conversation of your day.

Read scripture. Not only the words written but the act of seeking them will feed your soul.

Meditate. Feel yourself resting in His arms and breathe easily.

Warriors of Light know that Light fills space with no room for inventoried losses or blame. In the Light one sees opportunities for Love. Focusing His Love makes obstacles melt and warms the hearts of seemed enemies

Trust and Keep Doing the Next Right Thing

Our wants simply cannot be had until we want what we have. See the keys of Gratitude and Humility.

Not states of mind which befall us when everyone is behaving,  but Spiritual tools for living.

Pray to see the Truth and be set free.

Read scripture. Be renewed.

Meditate. Stop the planning committee and breathe.

Warriors of Light know the Commander. They suffer no costs of living. They simply move forward with Trust doing the next right thing while keeping their side of the street clean.

Feed the Spirit, Enrich the Soul

Demonstrate willingness  and you will find yourself in position to meet people who will prosper your path physically, spiritually and financially. Add humility and watch Goodness abound.

Pray to muffle arrogance.

Read scripture to name true attributes.

Meditate. Stop moving. Breathe, be and learn.

Warriors of Light are always in training. There is no off time. The movement forward feeds their spirit, enriches their soul and keeps them growing in the Sunlight of the Spirit.

Let Him Guide You

Run first to Him with your issues. Let Him guide you through your efforts and avoid the madness of not knowing.

Pray for direction and answers.

Read scripture. The words speak and The Spirit speaks in the presence of The Word.

Meditate. Breathe in the confidence offered to you.

Warriors of Light value Trust and Guidance. The remember that it is a Good Commander that wins the battle.

Life is Tailor Made for You

Our lives are Tailor Made. Rejoice at the opportunities and the difficulties. If healthy, we will meet our treasures at the gym. If needing assistance we will meet the darling professionals of the medical industry.

Pray for and with the people in your day.

Read scripture and find the advantages available.

Meditate. Yes, stop, breathe deeply and relax.

Warriors of Light pack light. They carry polished swords of truth and shields of faith. They haven’t room for the old battle axe or their grandfather’s old hammer.

See Things Differently

Each one of us sees differently. Be part of the opportunity not the problem. Set feelings aside, act on principles of honesty, courage and faith. These are used for free. They are effective,more effective than feelings put into words.

Pray. He will take give help and direction.

Read scripture to find your rewards.

Meditate. They time you take to breathe and be holds it’s own reward.

Warriors of Light know that displaying the correct attitude during the problem adds to the lessons and rewards offered.

Watch the Steps Turn into Dance

There is a plan for you and it is a good plan ! Just be willing to take the steps and watch the steps turn into dance.

Drop the rocks, ignore the old scars holding you down and dance. Opportunities await your move.

Pray as if sharing with an old friend.

Read scripture and learn how to let go.

Meditate. Breathe in deeply. Exhale slowly and let go.

Warriors of Light know the rewards of following the lead. Follow the Master through the rough waters, the deep and into the calm.

The Day to Embrace, the Present to Experience

Watch out ! We carry not only our characteristic response to present happenings but also the burdens of our past.

Stop ! Look more closely !

There are no shackles affixing those burdens to us or our day !

Look up and let the poor way you were treated in the past fall away from who you are today !

Pray for wisdom and discernment.

Read scripture. It was written to keep us from going through hell.

Meditate. Breathing deeply will let you rise.

Warriors of Light have battle scars too ! They have no time to measure their shape, depth, or cause. They have the day to embrace, the Present to experience, the people to care for and Love.

A Prize for Everyone

“And wait, there is more !”

Available now to all who ask is real security ! Just call up now and ask Him !

He is waiting. Waiting for us to turn His way so that He can pour out His blessings.

Pray. Tell Him your concerns.

Read scripture. It has something for everyone. A prize for all ages.

Meditate. Slow down, breathe deeply, repeat.

Warriors of Light practice reaching up for help and looking up for directions. They go straight to Management.

Straight to The Source.

The is no more secure position than the one of trust.