Not Every Package Delivered Must be Received

Not every knock at the door requires an answer. Not every package delivered must be received. Not every person who requests your attention must be entertained. Refuse invitations and deliveries that steal your Joy or distract you from His Direction.

Pray to stay in touch with the main line connection. He has towers and reception


Read scripture. It holds Peace available at any hour.

Meditate. Simply stop moving and planning to breathe deeply. Close your eyes and be surprised at what you see.

Warriors of Light spend time in His presence arming themselves spiritually. After Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving, they are ready to march. Their smiles and open hands display the prizes found in good choices.

Celebrate Life with a Smile

Celebrate your life with a smile in each moment. Smiles are contagious and they bring joy to others. Smiles open the way for Him to bless you further. Look around and find the treasures before you, a ray of sunshine or a breeze. These can’t be purchased but they make the day.

Pray to see the Goodness in everything.

Read scripture and learn the signals.

Meditate by breathing slowly and deeply. Treasure the peace.

Warriors of Light smile while on missions. They recognize fellow troops by the twinkle in their eye.

They value something unique in each little moment. Life is like the contests where you must be present to win.

Drawn to the Light

He is the source of every good thing. He loves you. Ask and you shall receive. Honor Him by taking good care of your health and His children, then watch the miracles roll towards you. Pain will be lessened and joy will belong to you. Prayers that you dared not speak will be answered.

Pray first, and arise from the right side of the bed.

Read scripture and gain Power.

Meditate by breathing slowly and deeply. Relax in the Peace always at the ready for your use.

Warriors of Light shine by reflecting His Light. Their devotion magnifies His Light. Goodness and its people are drawn to this Light with their gifts and open hands.

Light That Needs No Shade

Don’t let anything come between you and the Light. Don’t fool yourself that it is just a game or a brain exercise when you find yourself unwilling to put it down. Sometimes we move toward the Light, talk about the Light, encourage others toward the Light while carrying an umbrella for shade.

Pray often, He is always listening.

Read scripture. Let the old become new in your heart.

Meditate by breathing deeply and slowly.

Warriors of Light march with a style that reflects The Commander’s Light. Their training allows them to admit their faults and clear the air. They learn to replace their shade sources with spiritual weapons