Pray. It is The First Step

Constraints ? Not unless the end goal involves the behavior or feelings of another soul. For peace, go to the Author of Peace.

His table is spread before us and we are offered all. The constraints are rationalized not shackled. Rewards are proportional only to the energy applied.

Pray. It is the first step and can be taken without belief.

Read scripture. Even without belief it will speak to the heart.

Meditate, like aspirin it also requires no belief to create results.

Warriors of Light hold open hearts to receive their daily Directions. Each day is filled with surprises, most of them joyous. The ones without Joy can be returned. If we are willing to let go of them, He can fix them.

Belief and Faith Are to be Reached For

Faith is a choice to believe. Believe means to accept as true. Acceptance is a choice. Belief and Faith are not issued out or given as certificates, they are reached for !

Pray and discuss these issues with Management. It gives Him joy to listen and to deliver.

Read scripture.  It is so important that it was copied by hand. Old manuscripts reveal that its wording has remained.

Meditate. This means stop the doing and breathe deeply with your eyes closed. You will be amazed by the vision gained.

Warriors of Light choose to Believe and they march in the Light. Their step, the glow in their eyes is distinguishable. When one takes a tumble or feels a pain he calls up and he calls other troops. Together their cries are heard. Relief is always available, belief allows its entrance.

As We Think, We Are

We are so funny ! When angered, we think harsh thoughts. Are we getting even by hurting our own minds ? Sometimes we lash out with ugly words. Who does this defile ?

“You have what you say you will have .”

“For as he thinketh, so is he.”

Pray to God as if speaking with your best friend.

Read scripture to gain instruction for dealing with feelings.

Meditate as a ritual. Meditate before acting or reacting to strong feelings.

Warriors of Light know feelings change. Circumstances change. God never changes .