Weed out the Embedded Jealousies, Fears, and Doubts

Design the inside more beautifully than the outside. Dig into your heart and weed out the embedded jealousies, fears, and doubts. Don’t fondle them but lift them up to Him. He can handle them for you. Relax in knowing you were personally shaped for good.

Pray because it is your privilege as His child.

Read scripture and find the part that belongs to your day.

Meditate on the good, feel safe in His shadow.

Warriors of Light know they must give up to receive, surrender to win and share to keep. Life is good and our smiles show best when our minds are with our hands helping others.

Fill Our Minds with Beauty

Select the reports you are willing to receive. The best is yet to come ! As we grow in trust we are able to see more opportunities. We can fill our minds with the beauty of the sunset and a hug rather than the broadcast of the nations worries.

They will always worry, it sells. We can always look up and be Saved.

Pray and let it become a priority.

Read scripture. Pertinent reports don’t change.

Meditate. Relax, you are in Good hands.

Warriors of Light use caution and planning. They are frugal and alert but they dance in the glory of the sunset and rejoice in the patter of rain.

Choose to Refresh Yourself

Choose to refresh yourself with thoughts of beauty, kindness and love. No matter who threatens your peace or by what authority they deliver their message, respond with kindness and love.

Pray. It is your option to commune with the Force of Love.

Read scripture. Find comfort.

Meditate. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly, repeat.

Warriors of Light choose to think wisely. They put joy into their lives by sharing. They use their thoughts as creative instruments, much like their Father.

A Beautiful Place

The world is a beautiful place ! Keep your mind on the good. Keep your mind in the moment. This stance is attractive !

Smile ! People will return your smile.

Be kind . People will return your kindness. Sometimes it takes awhile. Keep your side of the street clean. You can see the world is a beautiful place !

Pray. Prayer works. Even without belief, prayer works.

Read scripture. Renew your mind. Faith can be built.

Meditate. Stop whatever you are doing and be still. Breathe deeply. Inhale life filled with opportunities.

Warriors of Light march on. They give others a lift and it elevates them. Things look even better from up here !