Be Still and Know that He is God

“Be still and know that I am God.”

Please note that it doesn’t say climb the highest mountain, run the fastest race or be the most well behaved. It says “be still.”

He is right there by you when you need Him and you carry Him in your heart. He will strengthen you, guide you, deliver you, feed you, delight when you speak of Him and grow closer to Him. When you help one of His other children He will give you Joy. Find this difficult to believe ?

Then just be still and you will know.

Pray and talk to Him. You can tell Him your doubts. He will listen and He will answer.

Read scripture. It is old and still available for a reason.

Meditate. Stop and breathe deeply with closed eyes . Enjoy what you see.

Warriors of Light know His presence is revealed to all who seek. This awareness shines from their soul and offers Light to others.

Be Still with the Gift of Life

Our lives are a brief gift of time and emotion. Be wise in spending.

Keep your mind in the present. Don’t miss the chance to love and share love.

Pray to accept what you cannot change.

Read scripture. Find purpose for your hands.

Meditate. Quiet the committee.

Still the analysis. Breathe and know.

Warriors of Light know broken hearts and dreams leave pieces that fit together in unexpected beauty. “Trust God, move forward, do the next right thing.”