Don’t Set a Place for Pains and Disappointments at the Table

Use the right tools. Our privilege is to exercise good thinking, make good choices and grow in the Light. The battleground for Peace is in our mind. His tools are available for us to create a reality which Honors Him and favors us. End use of the word “but” to explain allowance of our pain.

Pray today and watch the future improve.

Read scripture and see the tools available from each position.

Meditate. Relax and learn what the Heart already knows.

Warriors of Light deal with traffic by driving only their own car.  They too receive wild thoughts, pains and disappointments, they simply don’t set a place for them at the table.

Arm Yourself with Shields of Faith and Swords of Truth

Words and actions reflect our thinking and our heart. Odd thoughts and feelings appear, our responsibility lies in refusing to entertain them. The mind is a battleground between Good and evil. The winner is the one we personally arm.

Pray often, pray aloud. This transforms the mood.

Read scripture. This transforms the mind.

Warriors of Light engage in Spiritual Warfare. They arm themselves with Shields of Faith and Swords of Truth.

Our Mind is a Battleground

Our mind is a battleground and our soul is the prize. Unguarded it remains subject to fear, depression, greed, lust or anger.

Soaked in gratitude it remains open to Love and prosperity. Covered with prayer it stays fresh, open to new beginnings and available for service.

Pray and utilize what is given.

Read scripture to learn more.

Meditate. Find Him within you guarding the Fort.

Warriors of Light stay armed in peace time. Their alert stance is ready. Ready to quench the fiery darts.