Keep Your Attention on the Good and the Battle is Won

Stay your attention on the good and know that this was the battle. With that maintained, the battle is won. The only battle was in the mind and the prize is a softened heart which gains the soul. He created His children for His pleasure.

Pray to keep the mind on Life and Peace.

Read scripture, find understanding of the mysteries.

Meditate at least once a day. Deep breathing and worthy contemplation soothes the wounds and the itches.

Warriors of Light need not camp near the enemy or the unkind. Warriors keep their armor close even when relaxed. The Commander does the planning and the protection. His hand is always extended.

The Lessons of the Day

Each day is full of lessons. Some are easy, we know the answer and dance on.

Some are hard, with tests created at our own hand. Help is always available.

Pray for understanding. Frustration will diminish. The next step will be more clear.

Read scripture and devotions to provoke right thinking.

Meditate. Focus on your breathing. Relax. Just enjoy being.

Warriors of Light are warriors not tourists. They stay aware of even the quiet battles. Many offer no return for the engagement.

Some must be buffered by a troop movement. Some require head on confrontation. Warriors of Light listen. The Commander will choose the battles, knowing war has already been won.

Price of Freedom

The Duke Veteran’s Hospital marquee read “The price of freedom can be seen here.”

Our medical facilities in the war zones have improved such that many who would have died now come home .

Pray to remain thankful for our freedom.

Read scripture to find the joy and honor in sacrifice.

Meditate on our costly opportunities. Breathe in appreciation and out gratitude.

Warriors of Light think of others first. They share. The joy of this lights their face.

In America they are free to gather and pray.

Choosing Change

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.” Dissatisfied with our weight, our job, our savings program or our relationships we must change.

” Choose your battles.”

Pray for help in doing the uncomfortable. Accept the help.

Read scripture and learn secrets to change.

Meditate and visualize the change you desire.

Even Warriors of Light resist change. They get used to winning with their strongest hand. They must continue their study and training to stay fresh for the next battle.

Our Battleground Mind

“One day the doctor will ask not what ails us but how is our thinking ?”

We must think responsibly.

Everything starts with thought. The well documented “placebo” effect heals because we think it will.

Pray for release from the bondage of Self.

Read scripture to give your thoughts a new rhythm.

Meditate. Quiet the Self. Feel the flow of peace.

Warriors of Light enjoy peace. But they watch ! They know “We war not against flesh but against principalities and powers.” The battleground is our mind.