He Holds Your Hand

Pain is real. Misery is optional ! This is where the rubber meets the road and you have been equipped.

If you but ask He holds your hand and shows you the way. Won’t holding your Daddy’s hand make you smile and feel safe ? Drop your baggage. Free up a hand. Take His.

Pray for whatever you need.

Read scripture. It feeds your Spirit.

Meditate. It feeds your soul.

Warriors of Light smile and “the world smiles with them”.

Touch the Moment

Touch the moment that is at your hand. Relish the treasures it holds.

Drop the baggage you carry and enter.

Offer yourself in service. Offer them a smile. Offer Him the “sacrifice of Praise.”

Pray and remember He carries you.

Read scripture. That means find it, open it, and put yours eyes upon it. Let it’s power have place in your day.

Meditate. Inhale the riches of life.

Warriors of Light dance in their off time. The music lifts their spirits. It reminds them of impossible battles won. It inspires them and gives them strength for the day.