Awaken with the Light Provided by Him

Awaken with the Light provided by Him, breathe the air provided by Him and behold the portrait of earth’s beauty. Look to Him for all and it will be provided as your joy reflects His glory. Look elsewhere for your needs and find the sources of disappointment.

Pray to He who listens and knows our needs.

Read scripture for a renewed perspective and Hope.

Meditate. Breathe deeply, relax and listen to the still small voice in your heart.

Warriors of Light know that their end goals must not depend on another’s reaction or behavior but on His surety. He is our ever present Help in times of trouble. Our job is to grow and shine.

Share Smiles Rather Than Advice with Fellow Travelers

Each day is unto its own. While awakening our opportunities unfold. We may flavor them with Gratitude and Admiration and find them to be joyful adventures. Share smiles rather than advice with fellow travelers, you will make and keep friends.

Pray and know that your prayers are works of art to the Great Listener.

Read scripture again. It seems there must be someone adding verses that we did not see the last time.

Meditate on what you read.

Warriors of Light shine with treasured truths that polish each other as they roll around inside the marching soul. His Love seeps out and bursts through their smiles.

Reaching Up Upon Waking

Reaching Up upon awakening will  set your perspective in the right direction. Repeated it will be like a small hammering which will change your core. Over time it will enlarge your soul to receive more Light.

Pray and watch the Light fill your life.

Read scripture and enLighten your mind.

Meditate and Lighten your mood.

Warriors of Light reach up and out welcoming others to dance in the Circle of Light.