He is Waiting Just for You

Imagine the privilege of a personal audience with the wealthiest, most generous, most influential person in the world. He is waiting just for you…always available 24/7 and He looks forward to listening to you!

Pray and gain that audience.

Read scripture to gain some background information on Him.

Meditate and relax, He knows all your stuff and what you are thinking.

Warriors of Light go straight to the top at an unfettered, joyful pace. Their training includes daily visits with Him, The Light. They always leave more full and glowing. Try it, you’ll like it !

Watch As Things Work Themselves Out

“To every thing there is a season.”

It is all good if you see it from the right angle !  Can see it that way ? Get off the stage and into the audience. Keep quiet and watch .

Amazing numbers of things will work themselves out when we stay out of it. If not, enjoy the drama and the humor !

Pray to “Mind our own business and have some business to mind.”

Read scripture. It never changes.

Meditate on the Word and let it edify you. Watch you become the best you !

Warriors of Light enjoy excellence in themselves and in others. Their fortified soul allows them to appreciate the best. This attracts the best into their life !