Using Gratitude as an Attitude

Stay on the right path and the  family you lack will appear.

Isaiah 54:1 says the woman who never bore children will rejoice and have more children than those who bore them.

Pray to The Father and open your heart.

Read scripture and educate your heart.

Meditate on the love in your life.

Warriors of Light use Gratitude as an attitude. It is so attractive. They are welcomed by families of many descriptions.

The Irresistible Attractiveness of Being Trustworthy

Being trustworthy is the sexiest thing one can be ! It is irresistibly attractive in any season and it grows more attractive as one matures.

It requires only that your word is your bond and your priorities remain fast.  Added to a generous spirit it moves easily through any crowd.

When it finds its partner, love, the pair wins.

Pray to the Director. Appreciate good Management.

Read scripture. Learn that humility wears well.

Meditate. Still the emotions and breathe deeply. Relax in who you are.

Warriors of Light with battle scars can be leery. Trust in the Commander allows trust in their fellows. They choose their battles.