Let Your Attention Find Itself

Attention is a gift! We can give our attention to others and we can pay attention. He made us sentient beings aware of our lives and able to love. It is enough!

Pray to Him and share the joy His gift gives.

Read scripture and direct attention to the instruction manual.

Meditate and relax. Let your attention find itself.

Warriors of Light know wishing for what one does not have steals the attention from what one does have. Keep the mind in the present and notice moments that seem designed, they are by His attention.

Seeking His Face is the Real Adventure

Nothing stands still and nothing stays the same particularly after we so carefully develop or place it in the spot we would like it to remain. Not the waistline or the boyfriend or the job. Each day is a dance of decisions to seek His face finding Life and Peace or to understand our problems giving them substance and weight.

Pray and feed the spirit with the same attention as you give water intake.

Read scripture and let its symbols make truth real in your heart.

Meditate. Here we stop and appreciate what is on the inside as much as what is on the outside.

Warriors of Light know that seeking His face is the real adventure with purpose. This brings all else into proper position. The results will demonstrate themselves remarkably in each smile.

Splendor is Displayed in the Sky

Pay attention! Messages and signs are in every breath. Leaves rustle with song while birds hit the high notes. Splendor is displayed in the sky and reflected in the ocean all to remind us of The Power and Love available.

Pray and stake your claim.

Read scripture and mine the riches.

Meditate. Relax and mentally refine ores delivered by His Hand.

Warriors of Light know that an encrusted rock may appear to be nothing or even something troublesome. A bit of work, cleaning and polish may hint at its value. Brought into the Light it may Shine !

Playing the Hand Dealt

Be thankful for what you have to do on this day. Look up and embrace the opportunities He has put before you. Play the hand you are dealt. Champions are not those who get good hands, they are the ones who have learned how to handle cards that don’t win on their own.

Pray first. Turning our attention away from ourselves wins the day.

Read scripture and add to your repertoire.

Meditate. Breath in Trust. Relax.

Warriors of Light are continually surprised by the Goodness of their Commander. His plan, fallowed, is life and peace. Come to Him first and avoid disaster.