Have Not Because You Ask Not

Under pressure, under fire ? Been there before ? Did worrying the last time help ? If things don’t fall into the places you’ve arranged will you still breathe ? Did you ever think you would end up where you are ? Did you really plan any of this ?  No, our lives have been filled with surprise !

Pray . It is written that “You have not because you ask not.” So ask.

Read scripture and learn. You may learn that another path is available.

Meditate. Be still and make the moment yours. Inhale deeply and relax in it.

Warriors of Light work best under pressure. They stop making decisions based on feelings and start making decisions based on principles spiritual in their nature.

Ever Feel Like You are Alone in a Boat?

Concrete pavement must contain the right mix of sand and rebar to be established and take wear without cracks.

We must maintain the right mix of physical and spiritual food to take wear without cracking.

Pray and touch base.

Read and learn more about your spiritual tools and responsibilities.

Meditate and relax. Instructions are handy.

Reminder ! There is a God and it’s not us !
Warriors of Light are here to help !
You are not alone in the boat !

Safe Shelter in Times of Storm

Storms make clear the Power greater than oneself. Choose a position of shelter and hold on. The risk of changing positions is greater than the storm because usually stationary items become large bullets.

Best option is to “nestle under the wings of the Almighty.” He is a safe shelter in times of storm.

Pray works. Establish contact with a “very present Help in times of trouble.”

Read and learn the power of the word. A little mark on the page or a vehicle for great ideas ?

Meditate and realize where you are. Listen and see the way.

Warriors of Light know the value of being in formation and when necessary to break ranks.

Choose Your Direction

Your choice when you awaken. Grab onto the games you were playing yesterday or start anew. The discipline of reaching upward and out of yourself first offers the rewards of purpose and hope . Choose your direction ! As one in a boat , use tools for steering through the sweeping currents of life.

Pray . Talk to Him. Ask for help. Now your oars have some strength behind them.

Read the Word. Read devotionals. Say some from them aloud. Oops. You just became a messenger.

Meditate. Don’t think about the falls just get up again. Picture a rope. Grab it and arise !

Warriors of Light use the words from above as both a power source and a rudder.

Measurement of Truth

A sedentary silica rock reacted with specific colors when rubbed with silver or gold. It was called a touchstone.

When we use a method to measure or discover truth it does not lessen the magnificence of that truth. We humans often use pain as touchstones for growth.

Pray for God to show you that He is real and He will.

“God help me” is a prayer.

Read to learn more about who He is.

Meditate . Listen.

Breathe. Relax.

Warriors of Light are fortunate to know who they are. Their example may become a beacon.

God is in Charge

Imagine the surprise and fear of people who are not alerted to expect an eclipse of the sun. Who will they blame ? How would they use fear of another one to manipulate or legislate people’s behavior.

Pray. Thank God for being in charge of planet and moon movement.

Read scripture and devotionals that remind us of our charges .

Meditate. Relax on the spinning planet. Visualize the miracle of gravity which allows us to stand on a spinning surface.

Warriors of Light remind people of the blessings we have and the powers we enjoy. Old warriors stand and smile.