Become Willing to Give Up the Reasons for Your Ailments.

Open 24/7 for free is the finest and most renown specialist for your care. He has all your records at His fingertips and will see you without an appointment as often as you like. He will hold your burdens and carries your baggage. He handles wounds, diseases and anxieties.

Pray, you have a direct line.

Read scripture for your  reassurance.

Meditate. Relax and become willing to give up the reasons for your ailments.

Warriors of Light know His reputation for Healing the blind and Inspiring the lame to walk. The Great Physician cares more than you about your recovery.

He offers freedom from bondage and the Spirit of Adoption by which we cry Abba, Father.

Packing the Day’s Load

No chains bind the burdens, pains or anxieties, the option is available daily to pick them up or let Him carry them. “But” will lift the load upon the back, still without chains. A bit of pride inspires their continued carriage.

Pray to Our Father for wisdom while packing the day’s load.

Read scripture to increase Trust of His abilities.

Meditate. Here is where we take five and let Him hold it all for a few.

Warriors of Light are poised for action. This stance keeps them ready to help others. They carry only supplies for the current march. He holds their hand and fights the battles for them.

Sunlight of the Spirit

Offered to us is life and peace. Add love and find Joy. Trust turns on the Sunlight of the Spirit enabling a good view of the best choices. Even if caught in the shade of self centeredness we are but one turn and one step away from the Light.

Pray and hear Him listening.

Read scripture; instructions and records of answered prayers.

Meditate, it will soften your version of anxiety.

Warriors of Light dance in the Light of the Spirit and find gifts of Life and Peace. They reach a hand out to those in the shade waiting for the other shoe to drop. Easy choice, dance or run for cover.

Replace Anxiety with Trust and Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Replace anxiety with Trust and taste the sweetness of life. It is a choice, choose the best. Take your concerns to Top Management, state them and be willing to implement changes in your own department of soul. Your changes will change your world.

Pray as if confiding in the boss you would would like to be.

Read scripture. Become familiar with the old writings which continue to serve. There is Power in The Word.

Meditate regularly and you will breathe peacefully regularly.

Warriors of Light know they must be rested to see things clearly. Trust allows them a good night’s sleep . Things are new every morning, the Present for you.

Peace That Passes Understanding

Good news !

Stress is good and anxiety is unnecessary !

Stress creates strength and resilience. It increases flexibility.

Anxiety is only possible when focusing on self. Look up and it is reduced. Speak up and turn it over to Management .

Pray. Voice your complaints, request help, offer Thanks and Praise.

Read scripture. It is not as old and dusty as it may have seemed.

Meditate for a few.

Warriors of Light know that to “Be anxious for nothing but by means of prayer and supplication make thy requests known…” will result in Peace which passes understanding.