Anger is Just Fear with Enthusiasm

Humility holds no anger. Anger is but fear with enthusiasm. Humilty is born in trust that Someone else is in charge. Humilty is attractive to Him and your brothers and sisters. Humilty is willing to accept what He gives while knowing that He will give you the best.

Pray. Talk to Him as if He is in the room and know He owns the room.

Read scripture and learn more about your wealth.

Meditate. Stop believing you are in charge and relax for a few.

Warriors of Light uses humility and Trust to build their reality with good thinking. They do not fear the unknown because it is all unknown. There is no known.

Let Sunshine Sparkle in Your Smile

Distress displays our character. When we fall unexpectedly what words come from the mouth ? When someone angers us, is our response soft ? When disappointed is sulking the favored option ?

Pray and realize this is the most important and effective conversation happening.

Read scripture. Discover that our battles are not new.

Meditate. Breathe deeply. This can be done safely at home, in the car or on breaks at work.

Warriors of Light did not just decide to shine. They sought the Light, walked in the Light, soaked it the Light, allowed Light to hold space in their heart and minds. They cleared the way for the Sunlight of the Spirit to sparkle in their smiles.

Our Mind is a Battleground

Our mind is a battleground and our soul is the prize. Unguarded it remains subject to fear, depression, greed, lust or anger.

Soaked in gratitude it remains open to Love and prosperity. Covered with prayer it stays fresh, open to new beginnings and available for service.

Pray and utilize what is given.

Read scripture to learn more.

Meditate. Find Him within you guarding the Fort.

Warriors of Light stay armed in peace time. Their alert stance is ready. Ready to quench the fiery darts.

A Night’s Rest Will Soothe the Soul

Dont’t believe everything you think . Be slow to anger.

Don’t believe everything you feel. Let things settle. Often a night’s rest will soothe the soul.

Trust the behavior you base on principles of honesty, courage, generosity and Love.

Pray for discernment.

Read scripture to gain wisdom.

Meditate. Inhale deeply. Relax in His arms as you embrace the world.

Warriors of Light have enlisted.  They use their own thinking where positive thought and prayers can help. There is great freedom from anxiety in proper behavior.

Be the Hero of Your Own Life

Be willing to play your part. Be the hero of your own life.

Employ kindness and gratitude in every scene. Surprise the family by not choosing anger as a response. Speak softly to all. Watch their amazement. Close each act with forgiveness and hear the applause in heaven.

Pray to Trust Him for each step.

Read scripture. Make some of it your own.

Meditate. Nobody has the time but if you take it He will magnify the rest .

Warriors of Light choose their lines carefully. They use silence when unsure. They look up when they miss a cue careful not to use words as darts.

Anger is Fear with Enthusiasm

It is easy to get angry !  Easy to add up reasons and justify anger.   Where does that leave us ?  Are we not burning our own joy ?

Instead, give it a break. Get some rest.

Keep our minds with our current moment.  Shortly, tempers diminish.

Pray. He will listen and He can see over the fence.

Read scripture and renew your mind.

Meditate. Breathe deeply. Exhale slowly. Repeat.

Warriors of Light recognize anger as fear with enthusiasm. They know that with their Commander in charge, they will be protected and fear has no place.

As We Think, We Are

We are so funny ! When angered, we think harsh thoughts. Are we getting even by hurting our own minds ? Sometimes we lash out with ugly words. Who does this defile ?

“You have what you say you will have .”

“For as he thinketh, so is he.”

Pray to God as if speaking with your best friend.

Read scripture to gain instruction for dealing with feelings.

Meditate as a ritual. Meditate before acting or reacting to strong feelings.

Warriors of Light know feelings change. Circumstances change. God never changes .