A Sense of Peace Even During Turmoil.

Forces sweep moods up or down, tempered by our hand in His, all is well. Always available, always caring He listens. His angels climb the path with us lest our feet hit a stone. His arms are a safe haven through confusion, rumors or fatigue.

Pray and let Him show the way.

Read scripture to see the real answers.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax. The mighty tool of acceptance may be found here.

Warriors of Light use a prayer for serenity or a sense of peace even during turmoil. They pray for the Wisdom to know what they can change, mostly their own perspective and the courage to do it. They pray for acceptance of the things they cannot change, herein lies the Peace.

Your Steps are Guarded by Angels

“Play to an audience of one ! ”

What else, who else will not be served best by our playing first the audience of Our Father ? He is pleased by gratitude, praise, and willingness to serve.

Pray to keep the line open during busy and thankless tasks.

Read to gain perspective. Scripture offers sustenance to the roles of life.

Meditate. Stop and listen. Your efforts are applauded. Your steps are guarded by angels “lest you dash your foot on a stone.”

Warriors of Light practice chores and tasks with a cheerful spirit and a grateful heart.

Joy in Service Makes Tasks Light

There is no haste in God’s plan. He does seem to have Angels which stop cars in the nick of time.  He presents opportunities which must be snatched as they pass but… When things seem to drag on and on, it is often to ready us for receiving.

Pray for guidance in the direction you are taking.

Read scripture and devotionals to adjust our focus.

Meditate.  Relax and center yourself. Respond to life with dignity and grace.

Warriors of Light know they are the children of the King. They know that “to whom much is given much is required.” The joy found in service makes the tasks seem light.