Inhale Faith and exhale Enthusiasm

Take Joy in the  chores of daily care. Relish being alive by staying together with Management in the present. Fold the personal agenda and allow each day to unfold beauty to be seen, mysteries to be solved, Love to be shared.

Pray and enjoy being your best.

Read scripture and weave it’s message into your steps.

Meditate. Really stop and breathe deeply. Inhale Faith and exhale Enthusiasm.

Warriors of Light wear the coveralls of Honor, steel toed boots of Courage and hard-hats of acceptance. They let Him Light the path knowing their attire reads dependable and Trust worthy. It is timelessly appealing, sexy and ages well.

Visualize the Best

Compete with only with yourself. Learn to work with others. Anticipate their needs. Visualize the best in them and yourself.

Be grateful to be alive ! Cherish each moment. Relish the opportunities to be of service.

Fall in love !

Pray, aloud if necessary. Tell Him your concerns.

Read scripture. Dig out the dusty volume. Open it and see.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and slowly. Watch blood pressure drop and solutions appear.

Warriors of Light tend to their weapons. They cut through the darkness. They reveal and enjoy the Truth that God is Love.