God is a Loving Father to Us All

It suits you to be filled with joy and able to share even during adversity. Tough times are an opportunity to get closer to Our Father. Close enough to hop back in His lap. Good times enable us to more readily see The Path on which we belong.

Pray as if in conversation with the Daddy you would like to be.

Read scripture and tuck its messages into your heart.

Meditate. Trust Him to be on look out while you relax.

Warriors of Light find joy even in the battles. Their cloaks of optimism and Faith are hand made and one of a kind. They are decorated with badges of courage and integrity. They dance to show off their garb before serious encounters. The badges shine brightest in the Shadow if the Almighty.

The Burden of Pride

Go on about your business. You are welcome to create as many problems as you like. Stay independent and proud and the burdens will become heavier.

Or you can return to the horn of plenty offered you from above . Even the tiniest turn towards His way will start the shower of blessings and His pleasure.

Enjoy !

Pray. Offer noises of gratitude to quiet the sting of adversity.

Read scripture. Enjoy its perspective, make it yours.

Meditate. It’s quiet power will amaze you.

Warriors of Light enter each moment with shields of faith and the power of hope. These tools can be yours too ! For free !

Choosing Gratitude

Choosing gratitude as our response to adversity tilts the table in our favor. We struggle, recover, learn and grow. Add gratitude to blossom and win !

Pray and see that tough times bring an intimate dependency.

Read scripture to flavor your perception.

Meditate. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly, repeat. Just try it.

Warriors of Light know that positioning wins the battle. Gratitude offers elevation.

From the high ground, the enemy can be cleared.

Real Treasure

Real treasures are in the heart. They shine in our smiles and are polished by adversity. They cannot be stolen or corrupted by dust and moths.

Pray. It becomes easier and more fruitful with practice.

Read scripture. Discover His love and friendship.

Meditate. Who has time ? Take a minute ! It improves the rest of your time like grease to a wheel.

Warriors of Light enjoy the practice of Faith. “Faith comes by hearing and hearing from the Word.” Enjoy real security !