Our Angle of Approach Makes All the Difference

Our angle of approach makes all the difference. We can see it as an adventure or a difficulty. The most seemingly tragic events can arouse courage and compassion. Our Creator is always present to guide and help if we but ask.

Pray as if asking a teacher for help with an assignment.

Read scripture, life is an open book test.

Meditate, relax and take as much time as you like with each problem.

Warriors of Light know that He wants us to learn certain lessons. They will reoccur if we miss the point. He often gives pop quizzes to keep us at the top of our game.

The Journey to the Far Corners of Our Heart

Columbus had a real adventure discovering our marvelous land when he challenged the belief that the world was flat. His Faith took him across the world.

There is an adventure for each of us when we let Faith take us on its journey.

Pray to see that you are not the center of the universe.

Read scripture which contains instructions for finding the True Center.

Warriors of Light find humor and Direction as they move in Faith. The comradery found and the character built in a journey to the unknown is amazing. More amazing is that the journey may be to far corners of our heart that no one believed existed .

Every Tunnel Has an End

Whether we have graduated from school, retired from a great career, moved to a nicer house or found the love of our life, change is difficult.  Why not picture Him holding your hand as you take on your new adventure. Don’t go in there alone !

Pray. Have a conversation with your Protector, your Advocate.

Read scripture. This holds clues. They wrote things down in a Hallowed Book for a reason.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly to find Peace.

Warriors of Light keep marching even through the dark tunnels.

They use familiar songs and smiles to encourage brothers and keep cadence. They carry The Light and they know every tunnel passes through the mountain and every tunnel has an end.

Don’t Miss the Adventure

Even the most devout can fall into the set routines and miss the adventure He has outlined. Relax, look around.

Remove the “ if this, then that” assumptions from your perspective and sow your seeds. Even the weather is perfect for what He has in mind.

Pray. Prayer paves the way.

Read scripture. Watch it be, “ a Light unto your path.”

Meditate.  Stop the scramble and breathe.

Warriors of Light follow a Cadence in their march. It allows them to move together as a team.

As We Think, So We Are

“As a man thinketh, so is he.”

Today, expect the best ! Make this day an adventure. Watch for the small joys of a breeze, a butterfly or a pretty smile. Be part of the miracles in other people’s lives.

Pray for a cheerful spirit and a grateful heart.

Read scripture. It contains clues.

Meditate. Relax in deep breathing.

Warriors of Light know that encouragement wins the battle !

Paint Each New Day With Joy

Dive into the day fully expecting a whole new set of adventures !

The location may be the same as yesterday but the weather will change, the people dropping in will be different and what has happened to them will be news.

Give them smiles as you see them and let them paint your day with their joy !

Pray to be an inspiration for those you meet.

Read scripture, carry it in your heart. Drop a bit of Good News into each situation.

Meditate. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly.

Warriors of Light stay ready to help. Steadying another’s boat or helping them row can fulfill dreams.

A Life Filled with Kindness and Sharing

Can’t decide what to do or be ? Decide what you don’t want to be and start there !

Keep the right perspective and enjoy the adventure of your life !

Each moment offers opportunities for kindness and sharing. Engage, move forward, see a life filled with kindness and sharing !

Pray to stay centered. And again, pray, perhaps aloud.

Read scripture. Discover that you are not in this boat alone. Keep rowing.

Meditate. We are all too busy. Meditate and find yourself amidst all that busyness.

Warriors of Light know that the real armour is in their heart. Their direction is guided and purposeful. It only takes the change of one letter to turn busyness into business . March on !

The Trip of Your Life

Mother calls to say she has arranged an all expense paid trip for you. Time with pay is arranged. Classes are offered to find the best relationship with God and the best possible future has been arranged. Can you turn her down ?

Surprise …with the right angle of approach…this is your life !

Pray. Believe me, you will receive answers.

Read scripture. The ticket to your adventure is tucked in the pages.

Meditate. Don’t have time ? Take the time. Now watch the rest of your duties take less time.

Warriors of Light find adventures in every day. Their courage to play the hand dealt allows them to win over any length of time in the game. Smile and become a Warrior of Light.

Seeing Things with Amazement and Appreciation

There is a race, a course, set before us. We know much about surviving the adventure. Today, pull from your heart the awe of a child. See things with amazement and appreciation. See the sky paint her pictures. Watch the trees dance in the wind. Take the call from a friend, your playmate. Watch your heart flutter with new love. Almost everything seems worth sharing.

Pray. Tell Him too, your fears and suspicions. Watch them lift.

Read scripture. Put a verse or two in your pocket. It is your toolbox.

Meditate. Be still and know. What seems impossible is not.

Warriors of Light know nothing is impossible with Him at your side. “God could and would if He were sought.” It does not say found.

One eyelash of willingness becomes a key to let in the sunshine of The Spirit.

Action Begets Motivation

“Action begets motivation !”

“Getting started is the only battle .”

Decisions don’t change lives. It is the repeated action that changes our thinking and then our feelings follow.

Pray for guidance. “If you don’t have a ‘higher power’ keep praying. You will be contacted !”

Read scripture. This builds faith.

Meditate. Really close your eyes for a few while inhaling deeply.

Warriors of Light find life to be an adventure filled with miracles. Even the darkest days hold treasures !