Trust as if Joining a Friend for a Saturday Adventure

Trust as if joining a friend for a Saturday adventure. Dress for the hike and the swim, be willing to park the car, get out and march through the woods. Experience the sweat, mosquitoes, an occasional briar but feel the cool of the shade and hear the water in the distance. See the path turn along the river, delight in the shoals and the falls the smiles and the fun.

Pray, employing Trust once again that He will lead you to the swimming hole.

Read scripture and be willing to follow His trail.

Meditate and relax your soul in His arms.

Warriors of Light know their work is on the inside, becoming willing to accept His gifts graciously. Impossible to control another’s feelings, they concentrate on their own good behavior. This will bring right thinking followed by good feelings.

Humility and Integrity are More Valuable than Gold

Humility and integrity are more valuable than gold. Looking through their perspective enables one to see the real value in life, to add to it and be a part of it. Their perspective makes life an adventurous journey avoiding the self centered traps.

Pray to get out of self. Offer your attention to the One who can put it to Good use.

Read scripture. Open it in the light and gain Light.

Meditate by breathing deeply while trusting His hand to hold you.

Warriors of Light know the dangers of thinking alone. Helping others keeps them out of their own heads and quiets the worry committees.  Wearing the mantles of Integrity and Humility keeps them out of Egypt (the land of de-Nile ) and gains invitation to the paths of Spiritual Growth.

Finding the Way is Easy if You have Directions and the Light.

Finding the Way is easy if you have Directions and the Light. Continuing is doable while Spiritually fed with the Soul fueled. Friends and family make it fun in planning and memories. Did we miss part while worrying and stepping out of the Present ?

Relax and keep the mind with the hands. Difficulties let you know who each other is and His presence adds buttercream frosting to the Joy of a shared experience,

Pray for everything you need. He loves just hearing from you!

Read scripture and find visitor reports on similar adventures.

Meditate. Purposely relax and allow Him to pull the sled,

Warriors of Light know the value is in the journey rather than the destination. Traveling and visiting add fertilizer and water to relationships in the present, past and  future.

Smell the Roses and Cultivate Friendships

Take a vacation, visit elsewhere and go somewhere new to discover how good it is to adventure and how great it is to go home.

Pray before all your travels and let Him guide you.

Read scripture to pack properly and learn more about welcomes and goodbyes.

Meditate by breathing deeply and relaxing. He wants you to have fun and enjoy your life.

Warriors of Light stop in their march to smell the roses and cultivate their friendships. They know that seeing a friend in another town cements their membership on the Good team.

The Real Treasures Lie Above the Surface.

Just as oxygen is critical for life, His Love is critical for all. Days fill like an ocean with currents and tides, sharks and treasures. Our grasp on the shiny objects prevents rising to the top.  Hiding from the shark beneath the coral leaves us breathless.

Inflate your Gratitude and Praise. These twin tools will lift you from any undertow and quiet the sting of a man-of-war.

Pray as often and heartily as you would chat with your best friend.

Read scripture. It holds a mask and snorkel for your adventures.

Meditate. Cease fighting your Rescuer and be carried to shore.

Warriors of Light man the boats, patrol and illuminate the shore. While assisting pearl divers, they know the real Treasures lie above the surface.

Let Go of the Chains You Have Been Carrying

Pray for direction, let Him be in charge, enjoy the people, creatures and adventures of Life. Let go of the chains you’ve been carrying and express Gratitude for the lighter weight. Go with the flow and forget directing the traffic.

Pray to stay on the beam. Use His Light to see through the shadows.

Read scripture for inspiration and guidance.

Meditate to refuel. Relax in awe and quiet that talkative, opinionated committee. Find peace in silence.

Warriors of Light do what they can to be of service in each moment. Rehearsing responses to anticipated words is of no count. They have learned (slowly) that is none of their business what other people are thinking.

Our Angle of Approach Makes All the Difference

Our angle of approach makes all the difference. We can see it as an adventure or a difficulty. The most seemingly tragic events can arouse courage and compassion. Our Creator is always present to guide and help if we but ask.

Pray as if asking a teacher for help with an assignment.

Read scripture, life is an open book test.

Meditate, relax and take as much time as you like with each problem.

Warriors of Light know that He wants us to learn certain lessons. They will reoccur if we miss the point. He often gives pop quizzes to keep us at the top of our game.

The Journey to the Far Corners of Our Heart

Columbus had a real adventure discovering our marvelous land when he challenged the belief that the world was flat. His Faith took him across the world.

There is an adventure for each of us when we let Faith take us on its journey.

Pray to see that you are not the center of the universe.

Read scripture which contains instructions for finding the True Center.

Warriors of Light find humor and Direction as they move in Faith. The comradery found and the character built in a journey to the unknown is amazing. More amazing is that the journey may be to far corners of our heart that no one believed existed .

Every Tunnel Has an End

Whether we have graduated from school, retired from a great career, moved to a nicer house or found the love of our life, change is difficult.  Why not picture Him holding your hand as you take on your new adventure. Don’t go in there alone !

Pray. Have a conversation with your Protector, your Advocate.

Read scripture. This holds clues. They wrote things down in a Hallowed Book for a reason.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly to find Peace.

Warriors of Light keep marching even through the dark tunnels.

They use familiar songs and smiles to encourage brothers and keep cadence. They carry The Light and they know every tunnel passes through the mountain and every tunnel has an end.

Don’t Miss the Adventure

Even the most devout can fall into the set routines and miss the adventure He has outlined. Relax, look around.

Remove the “ if this, then that” assumptions from your perspective and sow your seeds. Even the weather is perfect for what He has in mind.

Pray. Prayer paves the way.

Read scripture. Watch it be, “ a Light unto your path.”

Meditate.  Stop the scramble and breathe.

Warriors of Light follow a Cadence in their march. It allows them to move together as a team.