Every Day is a Visit, a Travel to New Destinations

Everyday is a visit, a travel to new destinations and realizations taken with your new lover. He is new every morning and He is everlasting. He loves you with your morning voice and without make up. He loves you when you are outside smoking. He loves you when you lie about where you have been or how much it cost.

Pray and keep the conversation going. Turns out, it is the main gig.

Read scripture like a love note written to you, for your secret advantage.

Meditate and relax in His arms.

Warriors of Light know that every moment His arms are there supporting their footing and caressing their smile. They know that His Love offers Life and Peace. Turning towards His Light washes their soiled desire buttons and rebuilds their decision makers with a Heavenly edge.

Life is Tailor Made for You

Our lives are Tailor Made. Rejoice at the opportunities and the difficulties. If healthy, we will meet our treasures at the gym. If needing assistance we will meet the darling professionals of the medical industry.

Pray for and with the people in your day.

Read scripture and find the advantages available.

Meditate. Yes, stop, breathe deeply and relax.

Warriors of Light pack light. They carry polished swords of truth and shields of faith. They haven’t room for the old battle axe or their grandfather’s old hammer.