We Learn Not to Believe Everything We Think

Smiles are actions which relieve stress and lift spirits. They welcome others and brighten their days. Smiles are pieces of love. Smiles are His free gift for our use. Compact, lightweight,  they improve perspective, one size fits all and they improve with use.

Pray to realize the Goodness in your life.

Read scripture to flavor your thoughts.

Meditate daily. Breathe deeply and relax in His care.

Warriors of Light know most worries never come to pass and most things are better now that we think. Ummm…here we learn not to believe everything we think.

We Weave the Texture of Life with Thoughts and Actions

Moment by moment we weave the texture of life with thoughts and actions. We can pull from the long yarn which lies in the Light without snags and thread the loom evenly with Thanks and Praise.

Pray. Stay in touch with the Force that makes things new every morning.

Read scripture and proclaim authority over the snares of evil.

Meditate and relax. Breath deeply and rest in the rhythm of integrity.

Warriors of Light find rest and blessings within an honest weave. A rich texture shows in the robes and the posture of a confident prayer Warrior.

Grow Toward the Light

The response is more important than the action. Life is not what happens to you it becomes your responses to it. Respond kindly, honestly and generously.

His Love allows us to focus on Him and grow toward the Light.

We become filled with Love and Light.

Pray because it is your privilege.

Read scripture to see what happens at the end.

Meditate, relax in the knowledge that He holds you and provides your breath.

Warriors of Light do not get bored. Life is an adventure of new things to hear, taste, feel, and smell in exciting journeys. They can see this because they are in the Light.

Step Toward the Light

Actions become habits and habits become character. Improvement begins with but one step in the right direction. Step toward the Light and watch it spread through the heart and mind illuminating the darkness of neglect and blame.

Pray and open the upward channels.

Read scripture and fuel the Light from within.

Meditate and relax the soul in His arms.

Warriors of Light know that our Spirits are attacked by the fiery darts of poor thinking, rationalizing lack of responsibility, fears of failure, lust and envy. Shields of Faith quench fiery darts immediately, so lift them upward and give Thanks.

Pray to Him as If You are His Favorite Child.

Humility wins ! It is attractive, engaging, and always well received. Humility softens the hearts of others providing unforeseen opportunities. Humility allows Him to work for us and through us carrying our burdens and our old baggage.

Pray to Him as if you are His favorite child.

Read scripture old or new. Embrace its wisdom with action.

Meditate daily and make each day new and refreshed.

Warriors of Light know that He will carry our pain. Quietly pride demands suffering as a mark of depth or quality of injuries. Healing is a mark of our Trust in Him.

Good Times are Green Pastures

Actions and inaction have consequences which cause the heart to grow or harden. With Him as the CEO there are no injustices or tragedies, only opportunities for growth. Appearances may differ but all things work for the good of His purposes.

Pray to understand the benefits of change.

Read scripture. Just having the books open will change the perspective.

Meditate on the Goodness in life.

Warriors of Light know that growth is measured by the warmth of their smile and their generosity. Hard times forge their spiritual weapons and practice their moves. Good times are green pastures. Constant are the times for Praise and Thanksgiving.

Arm Yourself with Shields of Faith and Swords of Truth

Words and actions reflect our thinking and our heart. Odd thoughts and feelings appear, our responsibility lies in refusing to entertain them. The mind is a battleground between Good and evil. The winner is the one we personally arm.

Pray often, pray aloud. This transforms the mood.

Read scripture. This transforms the mind.

Warriors of Light engage in Spiritual Warfare. They arm themselves with Shields of Faith and Swords of Truth.

He Speaks to Your Heart When the Pages are Open

Actions make the difference. Good ideas and new understanding find value only with actions, oft repeated and oft called new habits, also called follow through. These are gifts from the Director even when He works without acknowledgement.

Pray and watch Acknowledgement (also called Praise) multiply the gifts.

Read scripture. He speaks from the pages and in your heart when the pages are open.

Meditate. Relax with deep breathing. Now gratefully listen.

Warriors of Light know their concern is only for the next step. If that honors Him and is in the right direction they walk an adventurous path to Life and Peace.

Treat Yourself As You Would Your Best Friend’s Child

One good decision can be a turning point only if it is followed by good actions. Repeated we find good habits. Then we start thinking properly as a habit. People love habits, make yours the good ones. Treat yourself as well as you would your best friend’s child.

Pray. The humble stance of prayer helps us practice humility.

Read scripture. Gain humility and wisdom.

Meditate. Seems unlikely but the action of being still and relaxed clears the way for productive life and relationships.

Warriors of Light don’t know everything. Their training puts them in a fortunate position of knowing Who to ask and how to ask.